Insult To Injury

Iım all too aware that The Chronicle neither knows nor cares much about organized labor, but I should think youıd at least get the simple stuff right.Not once, not twice, but three times your story on the Service Employees convention Tuesday identified the AFL-CIO as a ³trade association²!  Itıs a labor federation, for Godıs sake, devoted to improving the lives of working people, not exactly a goal of your average profit-chasing trade association. Your convention story Wednesday added insult to injury by twice using the derogatory, anti-labor term ³boss² to describe the federationıs democratically-elected president.    Such foolish errors ­ and much larger ones ­ are to be expected, given that labor coverage has been turned over to the business section. Since the stories there are meant for readers with a particular interest in business and a generally negative view of unions, the stories naturally are slanted that way by reporters who have little apparent understanding of labor.    By confining labor coverage in the business section, you are virtually ignoring general readers, including those who support unions or might want to if they had the opportunity to read fair, thorough and expert accounts of their activities in The Chronicle and elsewhere.

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